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purchase and collect plastic

purchase and collect plastic

We have purchased plastics such as plastic pallets, beer cases, containers, or icons, etc. that have been disposed of as waste until now, and are working to reduce costs and improve the environment. We will collect it with our own truck according to the desired timing of the companies emitting plastic. 

Best quality

Best quality

The plastic pallets case collected from the company that emits plastic is pulverized at the  Kawaguchi Recycle Center in Japan. The crushed chips of plastic are separated and washed with specific gravity to remove rubber and metal pieces to the limit to achieve the high and best quality. after that we are Exporting  plastic chips our  Malaysia  factory. 

sales of replus

​sales of REPLUS

​High-quality recycled plastic materials that have been washed and dewatered are used as recycled materials for recycled plastics used in a wide range of applications, including industrial materials, packaging materials, building materials, and household products.



Plastics discharged by companies also contain enough valuable resources for recycling.
We collect them, sort them by type, color, etc., pulverize, wash, dehydrate, and recycle them into chips for recycling cycles.
The recycling process will be added by using a high-quality plastic recycled material from which impurities have been removed to the utmost in this processing process as an “ MJ REPLUS” brand to molding companies. mjreplus high-quality plastic.






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